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Vitalessence was founded in May 2001 by Dr Gillian Newton who has dedicated herself for over 30 years to assisting people to achieve their desired health and fertility goals using the transformative and healing abilities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The name Vitalessence has very significant references in TCM, in which essence (Jing) is the basis of life, health and the creation of new life. At Vitalessence we understand this and offer a range of treatments directed towards balancing and boosting this vital essence of life.

Gillian’s vision for Vitalessence was formed when she moved to Melbourne and was based on her 10 years of experience in her Sydney clinic, Healing Matters. Her success in Sydney provided the inspiration and laid the foundation for a multi-modality natural health clinic focussed on fertility, as well as general health and wellbeing. Since then, Gillian along with the other practitioners at Vitalessence, have worked tirelessly with their clients to enable them to experience the enjoyment of life that comes with a balanced and healthy body.

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