Yoga For a Healthy Body and Mind

When it comes to promoting an individual’s overall mental and physical health, a regular engagement with yoga could do wonders. From improving your flexibility, relieving stress, improving digestion, enhancing your energy to helping you get back in posture, the benefits of yoga are numerous and you can bring all these benefits into your life with our specially tailored yoga classes.

Yoga at Vitalessence is based on the Hatha Yoga style, with a focus on the endocrine glands: the hormonal and nervous system, connecting body, mind, and emotions. And therefore effective in helping you acquire control over the overall functioning of your body and mind and ultimately, helping you lead a better and improved lifestyle.

Our class commences with relaxation techniques, followed by stretching and limbering to prepare for the asanas (postures). We then work through a sequence of ten asanas, which includes pranayama (breath focus). The classes would also be concluded with a focus on the overall relaxation of body and mind. This allows you to assimilate the work of the postures and feel the everyday changes that yogic engagement brings into your body and mind.

Private Yoga Classes

At Vitalessence we offer the convenience and comfort of private yoga classes. These classes are beneficial if you are new to yoga, prefer not to be in a group class, have an injury, have a particular goal you’d like to focus on, or would like extra assistance with certain poses or techniques.

Personal Strength and Stretch Session

Strength and Stretch Sessions are Personal Sessions (1:1) which cater for your individual abilities, needs and goals, whatever they may be;

  • General strength and vitality
  • Core strength and  posture
  • Weight loss and muscle tone
  • Fitness and energy levels
  • Balance and co-ordination
  • Flexibility and joint mobility​
  • Confidence and self esteem

Personal Strength and Stretch sessions are run by Tarryn at Vitalessence clinic, or via Zoom.

Tarryn has qualifications and several years of experience in Hatha Yoga Teaching and Functional Fitness.

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