Gita Yoga

Trigger Your Body’s Natural Healing Process With Kinesiology

Gita yoga to nurture your essence is run by the beautiful, gentle Penny Digaletos in the intimate studio at the rear of the clinic. Penny has been teaching yoga for 23 years. She is a graduate of the Gita International School of Yoga.

Gita yoga focuses on the endocrine glands – the hormonal and nervous system, connecting body, mind and emotions. The class commences with relaxation, followed by stretching and limbering to prepare for the asanas (postures). We then work through a sequence of ten asanas, and includes pranayana (breath focus). Each class finishes as it started, with relaxation. This allows you to assimilate the work of the postures.

Our class is paced at a gentle level to allow you to enjoy the experience, no matter your level of ability.

Class time is Monday 10-11.15am. As there is a maximum of 10 students you need to book by ringing Penny on 0403 697624.

We are all Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience.

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