Fiona Zalcman

Kinesiology, Reiki & Energy Healer

Fiona was first introduced to Kinesiology at the age of 7 through first-hand experience with a Kinesiologist for Asthma treatment. It’s through this encounter that she was made aware of how Kinesiology helps detect and then annihilate the blocks that limit the recuperative abilities of one’s body. Her passion for the field came into being during her 20s when she was suffering from anxiety attacks and Kinesiology helped her deal with it. This led to her decision to study Kinesiology and provide this amazing healing modality to others.

Fiona has practised energy healing, Kinesiology and Reiki for over 20 years, also working with vibrational essences and sound healing. Kinesiology is a gentle, safe and effective way to determine what weakens your energy system by using a muscle indicator such as an arm to indicate what the body does or doesn’t like. Through bringing together various benefits of Kinesiology, Fiona has helped countless clients deal with anxiety, depression, bullying, food intolerances, emotional effects of sexual abuse, as well as clients trying to fall pregnant with no medical underlying cause and people who just want to feel calmer and more energetically balanced.

A typical session with Fiona includes a chat about what has been happening in your life up until now and what you wish to achieve from seeing her as your practitioner. She then follows a proper procedure to assess the client’s energy and their perspective through Kinesiology and help them find a path towards their goals. She uses quite a few different forms of energy healing tools such as Kinesiology, Reiki, tuning forks and sound healing. Fiona also engages with psychic mediumship and medical intuitiveness to channel information about your health and life that leads to a deeper healing session.

As a practitioner, she loves working with energy and seeing her clients look physically and emotionally different when they finish their sessions gives her immense satisfaction. Her passion is to help people live their best life, help them achieve their goals and help them unlock the door to a happier, healthier, more intuitive version of themselves.

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